Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Ultimate Smiles is affiliated with several PPO dental insurance plans, and we are happy to file insurance claim forms on your behalf. We also accept CareCredit®, and most major credit cards. Please contact our office with any questions regarding dental insurance, payment plans, or any other financial matter. A member of our friendly team is happy to answer all your questions.

Ultimate Smiles sees patients of all ages. We are a family-friendly office that always puts the needs of our patients first – no matter your age. Our team is kind and compassionate, and children as well as adults feel comfortable here. Treatment is personalized for every patient, and we spend ample time addressing your questions and concerns each time you visit.

Emergencies happen. And they usually happen at the least opportune time. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office as quickly as possible. If we can see you on a moment’s notice, we will have you come directly to the office for an evaluation and for emergency assistance.

If you have anxiety about visiting the dentist, please be aware that you are not alone. Many people avoid visiting the dentist because of fear. At Ultimate Smiles, we go out of our way to provide you with the most comfortable, stress-free dental visit possible. We are laid-back yet exceedingly professional – and we help you feel at-ease while you’re here. If you are apprehensive, please ask for more information on how nitrous oxide may help you feel relaxed in the dental chair.

At Ultimate Smiles, we believe that patient education is exceedingly important! Our office features Casey educational videos in our exam rooms. If you require a dental treatment and would like to learn more about the procedure and the expected outcome, we will show you a Casey video. We’ve found that Casey videos are an excellent method for explaining complex procedures in an ultra-understandable visual way.

Advanced dental technology helps make your dental treatment efficient, quick, and easy. Ultimate Smiles features cutting-edge dental technology including digital x-rays, dental laser use for a wide variety of procedures, and state of the art intraoral cameras that accurately detect gum disease as well as cavities. We also utilize automated e-mail confirmations and text message reminders for appointments, electronic dental charts, paperwork, and more. For your comfort, we also provide a coffee station and juice bar in our waiting room, iPod headphones in exam rooms, and nitrous oxide upon your request.

With immediate dentures, you never have to live without teeth. Immediate dentures are typically created in just a few steps. Prior to your teeth being extracted, we take impressions of your existing teeth and gums so that dentures can be quickly fabricated and placed in your mouth immediately following the removal of your natural teeth. Immediate dentures not only protect your gums and the areas from which teeth were extracted, but they also have an aesthetic benefit.

There are so many types of toothpastes that it can be difficult to select the one that is best for you and your oral health. When it comes to toothpaste, one type is not necessarily formulated to meet the unique needs of every person. During your next regular dental visit, make sure to talk with us about your oral health concerns. We will use the information gleaned during our conversation to make not only a toothpaste recommendation, but how specific oral rinses and flossing aids can help keep your teeth and gums bright and healthy.